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Published on 19 January 2024 at 23:03
Microfiber cloth

What is a Microfiber Cloth & How to Use It

  • Microfiber is able to pick up dirt, dust, and even bacteria.

  • Microfiber cloths can be used wet or dry on any surface in your home

  • Microfiber cleans well with just water for a chemical free household

  • Pair microfiber cloths with disinfectants or other solvents when desired

People often wonder: What is a microfiber cleaning cloth? 

Microfiber is defined as a fiber that is one denier or less. A denier is a measurement of fineness equal to a unit of fiber that weighs one gram for each 9000 meters…. meaning it is really small.

To put it into perspective, microfiber is 1/100 the diameter of a human hair and 1/20 the diameter of a strand of silk. One square inch of microfiber cloth has approximately 200,000 fibers just for cleaning.

Need Microfiber Cloths, but not sure what kind to get? Scroll to the end of the post.

We're going to look into the uses of microfiber cloths and how they'll change your cleaning game forever. We'll also cover.

  • Why microfiber is so good at cleaning with just water.

  • How to use one microfiber cloth for dusting and wiping

  • Why microfiber will never leave streaks and lint on your windows and stainless-steel counters.

Can You Use It to Dust?

You can use these cleaning wonders in many areas of your home and office.

Split microfiber is positively charged which attracts the negatively charged dust particles like a magnet. This makes it more effective (and safer) than a regular cloth and chemical spray for dusting.

Even better, you can just rinse it when you are done to release all the dust and then you can use it wet, making them the best cleaning cloths for everyday use.

Will It Work When It’s Wet?

When your towel is wet, it works great on smudged dirt, grease and stains. The towel works best when you rinse it and then wring it out as it needs some absorbency to pick up grime.

Cleaning Tip: Use microfiber and water to clean almost anything. It'll even be able to remove a variety of germs and bacteria. 

Will It Leave Streaks on Windows?

Because microfiber is so absorbent, it is perfect on windows and surfaces that tend to streak.

Since these towels can hold up to 7x their own weight in liquid, there is nothing left to streak the surface. This also makes it better than paper towels when cleaning up spills.

Microfiber Cloth Uses 

        • Dusting your home or office

        • Removing streaks on glass and stainless steel

        • Scrubbing bathrooms

        • Cleaning appliancesWiping down kitchen counters

        • Car interiors and exteriors

        • Anywhere you would normally use a paper towel or cloth towel.

With a variety of microfiber towels ready for any cleaning task. From auto detailing, household cleaning, drying, and glass, there’s a towel for everybody,

How To Clean with Microfiber Cloths

  • Microfiber cloths can clean great with just water.

  • You can also pair them with your favorite cleaning products and disinfectants.

  • When cleaning with microfiber cloths, fold them into fourths so you have multiple cleaning sides.

  • Make sure you are using high quality cloths for the best results.


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